100 pcs Compressed Facial Mask Disposable Masks Natural Cotton Skin Care Masks DIY Sheet Masks Available in Four Material

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Compressed and portable, independent packaging, clean and dust-free.
Candy-style independent packaging, easy to carry, suitable for use in outing travel, etc., independent packaging is more hygienic, can be better dustproof and moisture-proof.
Strength saves water and intensive hydration.
When it is swollen with water, it can quickly lock in moisture and release it, saving lotion and making skin care not extravagant. A better release function allows the skin to absorb the lotion better.
Multi-purpose, as you wish.
DIY mask, can be used with skin care liquids such as toner, pure dew, essence, milk, etc.

Instructions for use:
* 1. The compressed mask paper is immersed in the liquid. Suitable liquids include milk, toner, beauty lotion or any other facial skin care product. Soak for 3-5 minutes until the mask becomes inflated.
* 2.Carefully clean your face while waiting.
* 3. Unfold the soaked mask and check that the compressed mask is completely wet.
* 4. Apply a mask to your face based on the position of your eyes.
* 5. Remove after about 10-15 minutes. (depends on the degree of moisturization of the mask)
* 6. Gently massage your face, then wash the face with water

his product is a one-time product, please do not use it repeatedly.
torage method: Keep away from open flames and keep them properly.
laced in a position that children can not touch, to prevent children from eating! !
o not throw it into the toilet to avoid blockage.


It has strong water absorption and skin-friendly properties. | Made of natural cotton non-woven fabric, very safe. Non-chemical, non-toxic, odorless, non-irritating, in line with international health standards. | Very affordable, there are 100 masks in one pack. You can make it serve your husband, boyfriend, child or others, and it will still work for a long time. | This is a disposable mask. Since it is dry and does not have any facial care products, it is perfect for DIY skin care. When used, other facial products (such as toner, toner, milk, and other skin care ingredients) need to be added to the mask. | Each mask is individually packaged, easy to carry, suitable for home use, and more travel-friendly. It makes it easy for you to experience facial skin care.









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