12 Pack Dinosaur Party Supplies Favor Drawstring Bags for Kids Birthday, Boys and Girls Dino Backpack Bag as Loot and Goodie bags for Gifts, Candy and Snacks, School, Travel, or Toy Storage Bag

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Are You Planning A Dinosaur-Themed Party

Complete your dinosaur themed parties with these drawstring party favor bags. A variety of different portable storage dinosaurs bags are ideal for kids' collection of treasures, trinkets, and toys. Made of high-quality materials that are absolutely safe for your kids and your young party guests! These party bags are durable and can be used a lot of times after parties! With just one click, you can get the magical dinosaur candy bags as your happy birthday party supplies to make a truly unforgettable birthday party! The kids will love comparing their dinosaur bags to each other and will have fun showing their bags to friends at school. 


The sturdy polyester fabric is not scratchy and not to stiff for kids to use. They don't easily fray or tear and are very quick dry. It's also very lightweight so kids won't have a hard time carrying them around.  

Washable: Easy to Clean, Dry Quickly! 

These dinosaur treat bags are made of high quality waterproof non-woven fabrics, printed with eco-friendly ink, non-toxic and no odor. These dinosaur favor bags are soft and lightweight, double reinforced stitches make them also very sturdy, which can be Washable, Reusable, a better replacement for plastic and paper bags!


Our unique dinosaur party favor bags are not just perfect to be baby dino loot bags for a kids birthday party, they are also good for daily use, such as arts & crafts, school, camping, gym, travel, etc. You can use these bags to store shoes, clothes, water bottle, keys, snacks, toys, small accessories and so on


?? DINOSAUR BAGS THE KIDS WILL LOVE!: You get a set of 12 drawstring backpacks for your little ones during their dinosaurs themed birthday parties or as prizes for school games and activities. This bag bulk includes a tsintaosaurus, baryonyx, carnotaurus, ankylosaurus, styracosaurus, velociraptor, pterodactyl, diplodocus, tyrannosaurus rex, parasaurolophus, stegosaurus, and triceratops.You can use these as regular bags, goody bags, loot bags, or even as a gift to your kids, pupils, and nieces. | ?? HIGH QUALITY DRAWSTRING BAGS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS: These backpacks are made polyester that are super sturdy and extremely lightweight and doesn’t add much heaviness and bulk when used by kids. The graphics are digitally printed to the bags so they don’t peel of unlike sticker based prints. They are also machine washable and are colorfast so they won’t bleed to other fabrics or fade. You and your kids can also help mother nature and limit the use of paper and single use plastic bags. | ?? DURABLE DINO BAGS FOR ALL OCCASIONS: The backpacks are stitched securely and the polyester fabric doesn’t easily fray so they don’t tear easily. The strings are big so they don’t cut into the skin when used and has heavy items in it. These bags will be a big hit in your planned dinosaurs themed birthday parties, baby showers, or arts and crafts activity. They can be used as party favors and as gooddies and loots storage bags.Your tiny tots can even use these as their regular daily bags. | ?? COOL DESIGNS WITH THE PERFECT SIZE: These bags come in 12 different dino species that they already know or would like to know. The dinosaur print are their actual/real life images but with eye-catching colors and appropriate backgrounds that your child and even you will love. They are 12 x 9 inches to they fit well to kids’ backs without hitting their lower backs or bobbing around when carried and you can always adjust the strings to your preferred size. | ?? PERFECT GIFT FOR ALL DINO LOVERS: Dinosaurs will never grow old and we and our kids will love them in the future, so nurture their interest with these powerful yet extinct species by introducing them to these drawstring backpacks. You can give them as birthday gifts or for Christmas, Easter or any other holidays. If for any reason you, are dissatisfied, contact us and we will immediately make it right! Add to cart now!









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