12 Piece Dark Brown Colour Waterproof Eyebrows Pencil Tattoo Makeup And Microblading Supplies Kit-Permanent Eye Brow Liners In Waterproof Eyebrow Pencils Peel - Brow Pencil Set For Marking(12 Pcs)

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1, When you use the pen tip, pull the white line down. 2, Slowly open the paper. 3, To sharpen the tip of a pen into a flat shape. 4, You can first draw a picture on the paper, and the beeswax rubbed off the edges can be used more easily. This microblading eyebrow pencil set comes with 12 Piece Dark Brown Colour 2 pencil sharpeners


[Super value packing]12 Piece Dark Brown Colour 2 pencil sharpeners?Fast makeup and Easy to use?Do not waste time to sharpen brow pencils anymore. Just need to pull the string on their side and peel the excess off, and then use a small sharpening blade and carve the tips of the pencial. | [ The Brush Strokes Are Soft And Delicate]Without hurting the skin, easy to colour and easily depict the natural and smooth eyebrow shape, uniform and meticulous, lasting and non-halo dyeing, and easy to maintain the overall beautiful eyebrow shape. | [Waterproof and long lasting] Can draw eyebrows shape, dye eyebrows quickly. No fading, keep the color all day. Creat the best eyebrow makeup. The eyebrows pencil can also prevent sweat, water and tears staining. | [Beautiful Packaging] High Quality, Better Quality, upgraded version of the hard core, better use, good gifts for female friends. | [Eyebrow makeup]These pens-can draw beautiful natural eyebrows. Beautiful effects apply to daily makeup, party makeup and professional makeup.





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