12oz, MopTop Salon Gentle Shampoo, Sulfate & Paraben Free, Color Safe, Natural, for All Hair Types, made w/Aloe & Honey that reduces Frizz, increases Moisture & Manageability for Smooth, Silky Hair

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This salon-grade shampoo lives up to its name as it gently cleanses hair while restoring moisture and manageability with natural ingredients, including aloe, sea botanicals, and honey. It is designed for all hair types and textures. This is a light moisturizing shampoo and should NOT be used the same day as the Clarifying Rescue Treatment. MopTop salon-grade products are rich, emollient, and highly concentrated for that fresh-from-the-salon look and feel. EXPERIENCE CALMING MOTIVATION- The Lavender Mint smell is the perfect blend of stress relieving and invigorating, an uplifting spa moment! ORDER TODAY - 100% GUARANTEED; YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BUT FRIZZY HAIR - A GOOD HAIR DAY CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!


SALON LUXURY ESCAPE - Best Shampoo, Balances the moisture with highest percentage of Aloe, Sea Botanicals and Honey, for Fine, Thick, Wavy (2a-c), Curly (3a-c) & Kinky Coily (4a-b). Super concentrated with gentle cleanser made from Coconut. Excellent on color treated hair! | WORK HORSE PROTEIN - Hydrolyzed Wheat and Soy Proteins add needed strength to dry, damaged, color treated & bleached hair! | NATURAL MATTERS - PARABEN-FREE; SULFATE-FREE; DYE-FREE; SILICONE-FREE; PHTHALATE-FREE | HEALING & RESTORATIVE INGREDIENTS - Aloe is one of the oldest most moisturizing & soothing ingredients available, and Sea Botanicals coat the hair shaft adding moisture and sheen to any texture. 100% GUARANTEED | EVERY UNIT SOLD SUPPORTS - We believe that people make choices in life based on how they FEEL about themselves. We support ANTI-BULLYING programs whether on the playground or behind closed doors.






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