13 Colors Temporary Hair Chalk Set Byhoo Hair Chalks Combs for Girls Kids Birthday Gift, Cosplay, Party, Washable Color Hair Comb for Hair Dyeing Changing on Halloween Christmas Parties

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If you want to be a stylish girl in the crowd, If you want to change your hair color, try colorful hair and don't want to go to the salon, If you want to prepare for a special day, If you just want to take part in the cosplay activity, If you want a radiant party, If you want to design your pet's fur color, - Our hair chalks pens set will be a perfect choice. # Change hair colors in a few minutes # More hair colour choices for different occasions and different dress-up # Perfect gifts for girls, birthday, halloween party, cosplay, etc # Clean easily, just use water or shampoo 13-colors Temporary Bright Hair Chalk Combs Pick your favorites and blend them. Give your hair as vibrant as you like. A fantastic and unique gift for girls and lovely kids. Tips - Go to sleep after washing your hair - It should not be exposed to air after unsealing - try to wash a little more time when the colors are not completely washed out - Please be careful near water and rain also snow since the chalk can make your clothes stains - Hair chalks colored pens will be harder to achieve a bright color on dark hair. So you might need to brush a few more times to get a better result - Do not touch it while it is wet, It could be sticky. Wait for it to dry How to removeThe hair color chalk for girls is water-soluble and it is easy to wash off with ordinary shampoo.


?MOST HAIR COLOR CHOICES? 13 different hair chalks set means you have more hair colors choices, you can DIY your hair color with different dress-up, it's more flexible. The hair chalk combs can help you to a new look. If you aren't sure what colors you should pick, this hair chalk will be a good idea. Same price but more choices | ?EASY TO DYE? The hair chalks can work well on most natural hair colors. Follows the instruction and do that, hair dyeing needs only a few minutes, you don't have to go to the salon. If you prefer to mix and blend colors than use a single color, congratulation! That will make you more attractive, stylish... | ?MULTI-PURPOSE? Hair colour chalk comb changes the hair colour in a few minutes, it's often used for party, cosplay, kids' birthday, halloween, friends gathering, children's campus activity or dog hair coloring, etc. The rainbow hair chalks set is a gift wrapped, so it's also perfect for carnival, classroom rewards, Christmas, New Year to kids and teens aged 3 and plus | ?WHAT YOU WILL GET?The hair chalk set includes 13 hair color combs, every two or more combs can mix more colors. The package also includes 1 shawl and 1 pair of gloves, that will make your clothes and your hands keep clean. Just focus on CHANGING HAIR COLOR, not other things | ?NOTE? The Hair chalks are very easily applying to the light hair like gray and blond hair. But it is a bit difficult for the dark or brown hair, you can add some water first which can make it better to apply the color to the hair. We can promise whatever problems you have, we will try our best to help you, you can always feel free to buy what you want in our store









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