2 Pair Replacement T-Blade Hair Trimmer Replacement T Beard Trimmer Replacement T Blade Hair Clipper Set (Gold, Sliver)

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Specification: Size: ceramic blade hair clipper: 1.5 x 0.75inches; Trimmer replacement blade: 1.57 x 1.26 inches Quantity: 2 pairs Color: gold, silver Material: carbon-steel Benefits: Advanced ceramic technology makes our ceramic blade 5X peaked, lasts 5X longer, stays 5X cooler. Long lasting: Made from a good-tech ceramic material to stay pointed longer, heat resistant for a cooler and more comfortable cutting. Easy installation: This replaces the small moving blade. Can also be applied to exchange steel blades to ceramic blades. Simply replace the steel cutter of a steel blade with a ceramic cutter. Quality material: The ceramic replacement blade is made of carbon-steel for a dependable, it delivers a good maneuverability, stays peaked for longer and resistant to corrosion. Package includes: 2 x Ceramic blade hair clipper 2 x Trimmer replacement blade Warm notice: Ensure the longevity of your blade's life by oiling it before every use.


Material: carbon-steel for dependable, long-life blade that stays pointed; Ceramic blades stay cooler and reduces heat transfer | Special design: this close-cutting T-blade ceramic blade is an replacement for most models hair clippers and trimmers of different brands | Function: the adjustable T shaped trimmer blade is intended for professional use only, close-cutting T-blade, small blade sits behind large blade in packaging, oil blade before every use | Features: close-cutting T-blade, can be zero gapped | Size: 2 inch in length, 1.6 inch in width; Leaves hair inch: 1/150; Leaves hair mm: 0.1 mm; Item weight: 0.8 oz









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