21 Packs Hair Dye Coloring Kit, Sonku Dye Brush Comb Mixing Bowl Ear Caps Shower Cap Disposable Gloves Apron Sectioning Clips and Hairbands for DIY Salon Hair Dye Tool

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Hair Dye Coloring Set
Great for salon hairdressing use and home personal use. And the value is great.

4 x hair coloring brush(2 x Small+2 x Large)
2 x hair dye comb
2 x plastic cape
2 x bowl
2 x shower cap
4 x hairdressing clips
2 x pairs of plastic ear caps
2 x pairs of disposable gloves
1 x disposable hairbands.

Hair dye is not in kit.


Great Packages:Come with 4 x hair coloring brush(2 x Small+2 x Large)+2 x hair dye comb+2 x plastic cape+2 x bowl+2 x shower cap+4 x hairdressing clips+2 pairs of plastic ear caps+2 pairs of disposable gloves+1 x disposable hairbands. | Perfect Kit:Most products are reusable(like Brush).Convenient to use, washable,help to color your hair.Protect from being tarnished by the hair dye. | Disposable Product:Disposable gloves, shower cap and cape are convenient to use. It prevents your skins and clothes from touching the hair dye directly. | Widely Usages:Make your hair coloring experience easy, neat and clean. For professional salon use or personal DIY use,perfect for living rooms and at home. | Necessary Accessories:Enough quantity helps you achieve a no mess, no hassle hair dyeing experience; Hair dye is not in kit.



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Sk-Hair Dye Coloring Kit



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