24K Organic African Black Soap Face and Body Bar infuses moisture and clears skins from bumps, spots, acne, and eczema.

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Black soap is one of the greatest skin products out on the market.

24k Offers the expensive black soap experience at an affordable price.
African Soap is known as the perfect skin secret to obtain a perfectly flawless youthful face.

This soap is handcrafted formulated with cocoa butter and vitamin E helps to fight free radicals, clears skin bumps and spots, and aids with eczema results in soft beautiful skin.

This fragrant free slid soap bar can be used on all kind of skin. African black soap is the answer to all skin problems.

Say good bye to acne, wrinkles, dark spot, uneven skin tones, eczema, psoriasis, excess oil and other blemishes.

Say Hello to the new confident you!

This soap is naturally derived and vegan friendly making it safe for sensitive skin.

A Worthy investment with a safe money back purchased! We at 24k guarantee that you will love this product if you don't, we will refund you completely - so there's no risk


REPAIRS SKIN-Formulated to fight free radicals, as well as heal and repair skin cells | HYDRATES SKIN-Helps to maintain the moisture of the skin | CLEAR SKIN -Aims to clear skin bumps and unwanted spots | ACNE FREE SKIN- Formulated to relieve acne-ridden, oily skin | BLEMISH FREE SKIN-Helps to repair the skin from psoriasis and eczema









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