250 3/4-inch Bingo Chips | Translucent, Mixed Color Marker Supplies | Educational Counting, Science, & STEM Resource | Kids Classroom Learning Toy

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Fun for all ages, Bingo is a great game to play at any birthday party, holiday gathering, family reunion or backyard barbeque. These high-quality plastic chips are a must-have addition to any Bingo set and are ideal for pool halls, lodges and recreational facilities. In addition to traditional game play, Bingo chips can be used in the classroom as a learning tool. Whether they are used for counting, in a science experiment, on an overhead projector or as tokens for a reward system, Bingo chips are versatile and convenient. Durable and reusable, this product is recommended for ages 3 and up.


THAT'S A BINGO: Gear up for bingo night with a complete set of more than two hundred colorful chips! | LINED UP FOR SUCCESS: Whether putting on the perfect bingo event or bringing a dash of color to your kindergarten classroom! | THE SCIENCE OF FUN: Bring excitement to elementary or kindergarten classrooms with hands-on learning | COOL COUNTERS: Learn math and counting with two-hundred hundred and fifty translucent bingo chips in a huge variety of colors! | ENDLESS FUN: Replenish your collection of classic chips with this booster bag of classic plastic chips









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