4 Cute Pixie Dust Necklaces for Girls , Mini Glass Bottle Necklaces for Little Girls with Glitter - Party Favors for kids, Easter Basket Stuffers, Goodie Bag Fillers, Jewelry For Little Girls

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FROG SAC 4 Cute Bottle Necklace for Girls with Magic Pixie Dust - Great Fairy and Unicorn Party Theme Favors and Supplies Get ready to be mesmerized with these unique glitter dust unicorn necklaces for girls! Each necklace features a mini glass jar pendant that is filled with shimmering pixie glitter dust that comes shaped like a star or heart. Our mini unicorn bottle pendant necklaces for little girls, unlike the generic simple design with the cork top, feature cute unicorn pendants! GREAT AS: Birthday Party Favors Unicorn Stocking Stuffers for Girls Goodie Bag Fillers Pinata Toys Sleepover Exchange Gifts Holiday Gifts Giveaways Classroom Treasure Box Teacher Rewards for Students Gifts for 10,9,8,7,6,5 year old girl Have you seen our other unicorn theme jewerly and party favors for little girls on AmazonClick our brand name above the product title to visit our storefront 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED:If for any reason you are unhappy with our play jewelry for little girls, you can either return them for a full refund or a replacement


?????Unlike other glitter dust necklaces for girls that feature a simple cork, ours feature a unicorn, the poop emoji, a cat and a smiley face. | Sprinkle the magic dust! Spread love joy and magic everywhere you go with this unicorn girls jewelry set. Each miniature vial necklace is filled with shimmering pixie dust that comes in cute designs! | ?? GREAT FAIRY & UNICORN PARTY SUPPLIES - If you are looking for the perfect unicorn or fairy party favors for girls, these super cute magical glitter dust bottle necklaces will be the absolute hit of the party! | ?? GREAT ALSO AS: Holiday stocking stuffers for girls, bulk goodie bag fillers, pinata toys,unicorn party decorations, teacher rewards for students, classroom prizes and many more! | You will love our little girl jewelry necklaces with magic glitter dust!! Frog Sac is a U.S. based family business that has been operating since 1991, with a mission to create unique, high quality yet affordable accessories that everyone can enjoy! Our Golden Guarantee ensures you are happy with your purchase or your money back.









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