4 Pack Wall Cups for Baby Gates, Wall Protection Guard Saver Protects Wall Surface, Door, Wooden Stairs. Safety Fit for Walk Through Security Pressure Mounted Gates

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4 Pack Wall Cup Protector Pressure Gates
Protect Door Stair Wall Surface - Babies & Pets Safety

Material: Silicone + ABS
Pad's Diameter: 3.15 inch, thick: 7/8 inch
Easy Fast Installation, No Tools Required
Oversized Pad Protects Walls Better, Large Surface Area Makes For More Stable Installation
Use on Top Spindles Only - Not Needed on Doorways With Doors Installed
Gate Not Included

The Wall Protection over-sized pad spreads pressure over a much larger surface area (over ten times the area of the safety gate's original pads) minimizing the possibility of damage to walls and making installation more stable. The vmaisi Wall Protect works on All Pressure Style Walk-Through Gates (Gates That Have Doorways That Open and Close).

Package Items
4 pack of cups Protector

Why you need vmaisi Wall cups br> 1. Keeps your gate more secure
With these as added wall cups for support the little fart can't pull it down anymore. Keeps the gate more secure and protects the wall! A must have for anyone that has a pressure gate!!!!

2. Fills the little space that you can't do with extensions!!
With Wall cups, they filled the small space and the gate fits just right that the lock works fine now.

Large wall cups protector: 3.15" diameter (8cm) with 1.625" inner diameter (4.1cm)
Small wall cups 2.36" diameter (6 cm) with 1.625" inner diameter (4.1cm)

Total depth of each wall cups is 1", including 5/8" extra spacing from the wall.
Small wall cups have 1/2" clearance between the floor and pressure spindle inner circle opening.
Fits most pressure gate models' bottom spindles.
Extra Tall Pressure Gates Wall Covers, 4 pack child locking walk through pet metal gate with extra long pressure mounted pads, kids safety security adjustable best child proof dog indoor gates for toddlers replacement parts.


4 pack Wall Protection Cups Guard for Pressure Gates, Saver Protect Wall Surface with Safety Baby Gates (4 Pack, White), Fit for all safety Pressure Mounted Walk through Security Gates replacement parts | 2 pack Big size 3.15" Wall Cups Protector for Top of Gates + 2 Pack Small Size 2.36" Wall Pads for Bottom of Gates, Complete 4 pack Wall Cups Protectors assemble without tool, Make Pressure Mounting Gates More Stable and Sturdy. Children proof and kids safe | Don't buy this wall Cups protector if your gate is not pressure gates. Check your baseboard and doorway size if they can fit our wall Pads protector size | Baby Safety Wall Cups Protector for Baby Gates, Wall Cups Saver for pets, dog gates. | The Wall pads's over-sized pad spreads pressure over a much larger surface area. Protect Door Stair Wall Surface, this will ensure your wall is perfectly safe and it's super easy to install and take down!! Wall Cups Protector for Easy Step Walk Thru Gate. Also fit for extra wide,tall baby play gates or for toddlers, dog, cat



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