5 Pack of Opticlens Brand 7" x 10.25" Fresnel Lens - Magnifier, Reading Aid + Solar Oven + DIY Projection TV Projects

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OpticLens brand fresnel lenses are great for reading fine print in books, magazines, maps, telephone directories and recipes. They also work great for use in light duty solar projects such as DIY Solar Cooking and Solar Heaters as well as DIY Big Screen Projector Kits. As with any magnifying sheet, they need to be elevated 4 to 6 inches from the page in order to magnify. Our lenses are made from flexible, high quality optical PVC. This allows them to be thinner with less distortion then thicker magnifiers and makes them very lightweight and easy to hold. Optical PVC is also virtually shatterproof for safety and peace of mind. Despite being flexible, they can still be held level over with just 3 fingers as pictured. Lens Specifications: Each order includes 5 Lenses. Size: 7.00" x 10.25" Inches. Thickness: 0.016 inches (0.4mm). Weight: 0.917 oz.( 26 grams). Groove pitch: 0.3mm. Focal length: 300mm. Magnification: 3X (Objects appear enlarged 3X or 300% of original size). Material: Optical PVC. Each sheet is protected in a reusable protective plastic sleeve. Made by Opticlens.


Lot of (5) - 3X Magnification - 7" x 10.25" Page Magnifiers | Great for reading small text, Light duty Solar Projects & DIY TV Projecton Kits | Lightweight, Flexible, Durable, Unbreakable PVC | Each lens comes in a reusable protective plastic sleeve | Made by OpticLens









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