5 round bar set of soaps by Sindyanna, Handmade, Traditionally Made. 2.1 Oz Each. Therapeutic Olive Oil Soap Bars with Natural Extracts and Ingredients Excellent. Cleansing Exfoliant and Antioxidant

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Made with love by Adnan Tbeili and the Nablus Soap Company with help from the Arab and Israeli women at Sindyanna, our olive oil soap contains only natural ingredients and is best for refining your skin. Each bar contains natural enhancements which fortify, strengthen, refresh and tone skin- honey, lemon, Dead Sea mud, pomegranate, sage and milk all of which are known for their purifying and nutritional qualities.

The Sindyanna sign of hope
What does OPElook likeTo us, it looks like a special set of handmade Olive Oil Soaps. At Sindyanna, Arab and Jewish women work together to create award-winning olive oil which gives the community independence, growth and a healthy footing to go on. Hope is the difference in how your skin feels fresh and rejuvenated by using one of our products and natural ingredients behind each. Hope is the income from the sale of each box set of soaps which helps the women and their communities. Hope is also the extra income from each sale which gives the women a sense of pride, purpose and dignity.

Whether it in buying a new home, or sending her children to school, each box set of soaps represents the option for women at Sindyanna to learn something new. It gives them hope which is the strength needed to build a bridge between the two, Arab and Israeli, communities.


POWERFUL, NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Sindyanna Olive oil soap gives you the most luxurious cleansing and moisturizing experience that you deserve. Let your body fall in love with this all natural soap line! | MEGA DOSE OF ANTIOXIDANTS FOR SKIN - From Pomegranate to Dead Sea Mud, your skin couldn't ask for a fuller and richer experience of soaking in rich antiodiants which promote skin regeneration and glow. | EXCELLENT SKIN EXFOLIATOR & CLEANSER - The Dead Sea mud soap bar or the sage and milk bars will give your skin the natural exfoliation it craves. Removing toxic pollutants? Not a challenge for our natural products. These soaps also help to reduce skin irritation and redness. | PROMOTES HEALTHY GLOWING SKIN - Try any one of the four soaps to make your skin healthier, more radiant and fresh. Daily use of our soaps has been shown to stimulate regeneration of facial skin making you look more vibrant, refreshed and alive with the joy of cleansed skin! | HANDMADE, ALL NATURAL - Handmade from carefully selected collection of all natural ingredients that are free from any synthetic or GMO byproducts. We pick each herb, leaf and ingredient based on their natural and healing properties. So each time you're using one of our soaps, think of the benefits of your skin.. and our ecology!



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