50 Pack Kids Little Dollhouse Furniture Toys House Big Dreams for Baby Children Girls Boys Age 3+

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"life-reappear" is a child's imitation of adult's daily family activities. They often play themselves as fathers, mothers, and sometimes invite neighbor's children to play a guest role In the game. children are very serious when playing this kind of game. They are just like adults in real life. However, they look young but act as older and these makes people can't help laughing.
Role Playing
Bedrooms combination to cultivate children's good habits of incorporating and organizing their lives
The combination of living room, give toy kittens a party, stimulate children's hospitality, enhance social ability
The restaurant is equipped with a well-stocked refrigerator to share meals with friends and family so that children can enjoy the fun of food.
Take the cat to the bathroom to take a bath, put clean water in the bathtub, add Fragrant Shower Gel and enjoy the bubble bath.
This is a chance for you to grow up with your child, exercise your baby's practical, mental and communicative abilities in play. Your must thirst for buying it at this moment.


1. Toys are made of ABS material, refuse to use secondary recycled plastic, it's safe and healthy . sleek design without burrs, no harm to children's hands | 2. The toys are colorful and enrich the child's vision which is enough to attract the attention of the children. | 3. 50 pieces of rich accessories, portable and easy to store. warm scenes, interesting and true. simulate family life through these toys so that children are full of imagination, curiosity and practical ability. | 4. Bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, cat, children through the combination of toys, put out their beloved scenes, increase children's thinking space and creativity. | 5. Create a dream home for your child and let the child experience the truth of life. This set of toys is a perfect birthday present for girls and boys over 2 years old. Order it now, you can get a full refund within 30 days if you don't like it.



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