500 Pcs Adorable Round Happy Birthday Stickers in 8 Designs with Perforated Line Expanded Version (Each measures 1.5" in Diameter)

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Hebayy is an experienced office supplies producer and aiming to provide the best quality and user experience. With this 8 designs Happy Birthday Sticker Set you got: 500 adorable stickers for a perfect birthday party prep or decoration to cheering everyone up. Apply them to your invitation or sticker them to your little folks lothes to declare a perfect party begin. Premium Quality: Made of non-toxic photo grade paper and high-quality glue. Self-adhesive glue features easy sticky and sturdy. Marker could also be applied on the surface with no problem. Expanded version: Each measures 1.5n diameter with perforated line. Smart Solution: Cheering everyone in your party up with these small items, stick them to anywhere you want to share the joy with. Peel off and stick, DONE! Used as birthday invitation or brochesseal or decoration. Give it a glance and the adorable cartoon illustrations will give you a happy and ease feel. Lovely Design: 8 round lovely designs, vivid watercolor cartoon images. A perfect haringpiece and brings mega happiness to kids. 500 Pcs could afford most of your event needs.


Smart Design: Adorable round Happy Birthday stickers in 8 designs, made from photo-grade paper with permanent adhesive, 500 PCs in an easy distribute roll. Perfect for cheering up children at a birthday party. As decoration or seal for your invitation, gift envelope packaging. | Premium Quality: High-light non-toxic sticker plus high-quality glue, keep your deco bright and shiny for long lifespan. Sanitary care for kids is our first priority. | Easy to Use: Comes in an easy distribute roll with perforated line so you could easily hand them out and organize them. Peel off and stick wherever you want, done! Self-Adhesive and sticks great on paper, shirts, plastic bags and most surfaces. | Multiple Usages: Apply these cute happy birthday stickers to kids’ shirts, gifts, or event items to cheering everyone up. You can also use these smart items as deco to your personal birthday party invitation. | Include: 500 PCs in 8 designs in a roll.Expanded Version and each measures 1.5” in diameter.









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