6 in 1 Curling Iron Wand Set with 6 Interchangeable Ceramic Barrels with Anti-scalding Tip (0.35'' to 1.25'') and Heat Resistant Glove - Rose Gold, Hair Curler for Girls Women Gifts By Duomishu

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Duomishu Curling Wands -- Professional Protected Hair Curling Iron for you

How to make your curling hair lasting longer/b>
Please keep curling hair over 20 seconds to make a curl that lasts.
For perfet long last curl, you can use with styling spray/oil.

How to protect your hair from heat damage/b>
First, you can curl in a little little wet condition.
Second, you also can use the heat protectant spray to protect your hair against heat damage before you curl.
After curling, you also can repair hair
from the inside-out with Hair Treatment oils to replenish moisture, restore shine, and infuse essential nutrients.

Protection device -- Glove to aviod burning your fingers
The 6 barrels is NO cool tip, Please use the heat-resistant glove when styling to avoid burning your fingers.
We recommend that you unplug the device and let it cool completely in switching the barrels.

Type: hair curler set
Power Rating:85W
Dual temperature setting:150 °C/300 °F~210 °C/410 °F
Temperature adjustment: 2 files
Heating Element:PTC
Thermal Conductivity Material:Tourmaline ceramic

Instructions of Curling Iron:
Step 1: Select a small strand of hair to be placed in the curling iron.
Step 2: Place the curling iron handle near the scalp or your head with iron tip facing down.
Step 3: Wrap your hair from base of the curling iron to the tip in a downward direction, heat protective gloves is necessary to protect your hands.
Step 4: Hold hair around the curling iron about 3 to 5 seconds.
Step 5: Release hair from the tip allow hair to slide down. Do not pull hair down, it will make the curl be tangled.


Please do read the instructions carefully before use.

If any problem of product please email us. We will back to you soon.


Premium material. Professional tourmaline ceramic technology help to seal moisture into your hair and protects cuticle. This will keep your hair safe and smooth with shiny curls lasting all day long.PTC heating, rapid warming.Plastic holder, safe and convenient, will not burn the desktop. | Simple operation, There are pull out the button to facilitate the replacement of hair tube; insert the tube with self-locking function; LED light temperature selection: setting1(middle 150 °C/300 °F) and 2(high 210 °C/410 °F).Temp control,protect hair and easy to make style. | Innovative design. 100-240V/50/60Hz dual voltage for world-wide use and you can style anytime. Professional 2.5m 360 degree swivel cord to prevent the winding, tangle-free. | Equipped with glove to prevent burns. It comes with a one size fit most black heat resistant glove, so that you can switch the barrels while they are still warm.It also with bonus two plastic hair clips. | 6 IN 1 ONE SET FOR ALL CURLING STYLE: It is including 6 piece interchangeable tourmaline ceramic ion barrels with Anti-scalding Tip( Only the bead barrel is included not Anti-scalding Tip ), meets your different curling style needs. Barrels are in different shapes and sizes: cylinder 1.25 inch, cylinder 0.98 inch, conical 0.74-0.98 inch, cylinder 0.74 inch, conical 0.35-0.7 inch, bead 0.98 inch. Change your hair style from waves to tight curls yourself, enjoy the endless styling possibilities









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