60PCs LED Light Up Toys Glow in The Dark Party Supplies, Glow Stick Party Pack for Kids Party Favors Including 40 Finger Lights, 12 Flashing Bumpy Rings, 4 Bracelets and More

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Ready for A Carnival! his 60 pieces LED set is the perfect choice and size for throwing any huge party, such as halloween party, wedding, beach night, etc. he rubber band on the beam light rings can be adjusted into different sizes suitable for both kids and adults.  hese rings can also be used as flashlights when you go out for a night run. Brighten the Night! ant to be the shiny star of the night et this set help you.  his flashing LED toy set includes braclet, rings, glasses, and ginger lights! ong-lasting batteries and perfectly safe design suitable for party of all ages. Handy for the Holidays ou can start a LED light up theme party with this super cool pack.  lenty of products allows you to mix-match with your friends.  njoy the fun time with these great quality lights! Perfect for All Occasions ll the products are well made. hese LED lights are not only fun to play with, but also very durable and reusable.  he long-lasting mini batteries in these toy products can last continuously for 20 hours.


60 LED Light Up Party Favor: A must-have for any Party, Concert, Clubbing, Night Activities, Wedding, Birthday Party. Perfect for Easter egg fillers, Easter basket stuffers and Easter party decorations; All batteries are included. | 40 LED Finger Beam Lights: Ultra-bright to illuminate in the dark, and elastic strap attach the light to your fingers or other objects; One-Size-Fits-All | 12 Flashy Bumpy Rings: Crafted of stretchy, jelly materials; Waterproof; Various designed in shapes such as star, rose...etc. | 4 LED Blinking Bracelets: Simply flip ON/OFF switch to activate the glowing bracelets, emitting light of pink, green, blue & white | 4 LED Slotted Shades Glasses: Kanye West style glowing Eyeglasses have 3 modes- fast flashing, slow flashing & constant; you can change your desired modes freely









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