70Pcs Metal Stickers for magnetic palette, DanziX Palette Empty Eyeshadow Makeup Palette + 2 Depotting Spatula (35Pcs Round + 35Pcs Square)

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Specifications and Package :
2 x Makeup depotting spatula
35 x square metal stickers (17 x 14 mm/ 0.67 x 0.55 inch)
35 x Round metal stickers (25 mm diameter/ 1 inch)


Value Package : Come with 35pcs round (diameter:25mm) magnetic palette stickers,35pcs square(17*13mm) magnetic palette stickers and 2 pcs depotting spatula. | Application: metal stickers for magnetic palette empty eyeshadow makeup palette,These are not magnets, they are responsive to magnets,these are perfect used for magnetic makeup palettes. | Material: the metal stickers are made of good quality permanent adhesive that have good stickiness and can adhere firmly to most surface and not easy to fall off. | Moderate size: the size of square adhesive empty palette metal sticker is about 17 x 14 mm/ 0.67 x 0.55 inch; Makeup depotting spatula is approx. 160 mm/ 6.30 inch; Round palette sticker is 25 mm in diameter. | How to use: depot your favorite eyeshadow, highlighters, and lipstick products from stubborn packaging with the stainless steel makeup spatula; Using the pointed tip to get into hard to reach corners of packaging and flat size to mix your favorite liquid, cream, powder products.



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DX-Stainless spatula



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