Activated Charcoal Soap Bar - Charcoal Cleansing Bar for Acne, Blemishes, Blackheads, Psoriasis, Oily Skin. Charcoal Facial Detox Tea Tree Oil Soap Bar with Goat Milk. Handmade in USA. (2 x 5oz Bars)

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Are you fighting with SEVERE or STUBBORN ACNE, BLEMISHES, BLACKHEADS, OILY SKIN OR SUFFER FROM BODY BACK ACNECLEANSE, DETOX, BALANCE AND PURIFY your skin with our soap made with All Natural Activated Charcoal, Tea Tree Essential Oil & moisturising goat milk. Because Activated Charcoal has natural deep cleaning properties capable of absorbing over 500-times its weight in impurities, making it a wonderful activated charcoal body wash for back acne or charcoal facial cleanser for face acne/blemishes! Our Deep cleansing formula of Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil Soap with raw Goat Milk is formulated ideally for acne and oily skin. Tea Tree Oil naturally strip away oil, while Activated Charcoal deep cleanses and draw out impurities to minimise clog pores, keeping your skin soothed and moisturized with goat milk to reduce overactive oil production. This makes the best acne face or body wash for adults or teens suffering from acne or blemishes! Activated Charcoal detox, while goat milk hydrates your skin, it an ultra gentle daily cleanser for anyone struggling with acne, blackhead, oily skin, or even eczema, rosacea, or psoriasis. A combination of Tea Tree & Charcoal works as a brilliant cleasing formula to draw out dirts & impurities deep from pores naturally and effectively! All Soaps are 100% Natural Ingredients, Raw Goat Milk, Olive & Coconut Oil, Tea Tree, Activated Charcoal with NO WATER ADDED. NO Chemicals, Preservatives, Sulfate, Phosphate, Paraben, Artificial Colorant or Dye, Genetically Modified Oils (GMOs). We treasure our forests and natural habitats, hence NO PALM OIL is used.


CHARCOAL BAR SOAP FOR MEN & WOMEN ? Our body & facial detox deep cleansing formula is a symphony of refreshing tea tree, earthy charcoal, soothing goat milk, olive & coconut oils. Tea Tree Essential Oil helps strip away oil, while the deep cleansing properties of activated charcoal draws out impurities to minimise clog pores. No worries of drying out skin due to soothing & moisturising effects of raw goat milk that will reduce overactive oil production, balance oily & acne prone skin. | ULTIMATE CLEANSE YET GENTLE FOR DAILY USE ? Start your day off feeling refreshed, cleansed and soothed! Ideal use of charcoal soap for acne, and works great as natural acne face wash for teens. Suitable charcoal soap for face with combination to oily skin or those suffering from acne, blackheads, eczema, rosacea or psoriasis. | HANDMADE IN USA with ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS ? Our charcoal soap contains No Water Added. Only Activated Charcoal, Tea Tree Essential Oil, pure soothing & moisturizing Raw Goat Milk combined with Coconut and Olive Oils giving a robust lather along with its Vitamins A, E, K, Amino Acids & Antioxidant Properties. No Palm Oil is used as not contributing to deforestation. Free from Chemicals, Sulfate, Phosphates, Parabens, GMOs, dyes or colorants. | LONG LASTING BARS THAT PROVIDE GREAT LATHER ? Every charcoal facial bar soap is handmade larger in size of approx 5 oz which can give you a great creamy lather with an average shower that last approx 4-5 weeks long! Lather up and feel amazing with the refreshing scent of Tea Tree. | PERFECT GIFT SET FOR ANY OCCASION ? 2 pack of charcoal bar soap, totalling 10 oz. An ideal adult acne face wash gift set for those who suffer from acne and oily skin. Wonderful body wash soap gift set for women as Valentine’s Day or Mother's Day, bath soaps for women gift sets as Birthday or any occasion during Father's Day, Teacher’s Gift, House Warming Gift, Christmas, Etc†¦

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