AIRGLOW Stainless Steel Flow Ring- Metal Slinky Fidget Bracelet Magic 3D Kinetic Spring | The Perfect Sensory and Stress Relief Toy (Single)

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POPS OPEN! ROLLS DOWN! FOLDS FLAT! Create a 3D Bubble that rolls down your arm or stick. Watch it pop open, spiral up and down your arm. Fold flat and pop back open like a slinky toy. Challenge yourself by sliding down one arm and skillfully passing to the other arm.


BEST IN QUALITY & VALUE: Our magic ring arm slinky is made with high-grade stainless steel that is ultra durable and built for long-lasting fun and play. Comes in a beautiful color-fading resistant rainbow color | FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: The perfect toy for family game night! Challenge each other to pass from one arm to the next among one another. Ideal family games for kids and adults | PERFECT EDUCATIONAL AND LEARNING TOY: Have kinetic fun solo or with friends. These sensory rings make for an awesome sensory toy. Kids and adults alike are sure to love this amazing spiral bracelet. Great for science and math lovers! | SAY GOODBYE TO STRESS: These magic rings can relieve anxiety, stress, and fidgeting. These flow toys are so fun that it's simply simply impossible to put it down! | WARRANTY: We're so sure you'll love your flow ring kinetic spring that we're pleased to offer a 30-day no questions asked return policy









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