AkinaWay Ahegao Lust Face Kawaii Lanyard Keychain

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Cute Kawaii Ahegao Face Anime Girl Cosplay Waifu Loli Lanyard Keychain. Perfect for everyday wear for keys, badges, ids, and for accessories. People who are into anime, games, manga, and cosplay will absolutely love this gift. This is a sturdy and long lasting lanyard guaranteed! Ahegao is a Japanese term for an exaggerated facial expression of characters. It Typically includes rolling or crossed eyes, protruding tongue, and reddened face in hentai/erotic. It portrays an Ecchi face of Lewd Lust and Pleasure. A more realistic variant is known as ikigao. You can find these images and memes on popular Websites such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and Google. It has become very popular due to celebrity Belle Delphine.


???Trendy And Cool Art Styles:?Features The Cute and Kawaii Ahegao Lust Face Designs That Anyone Would Recognize. | ???A Convenient Everyday Use:?Size of Lanyard Is 17" in x 1" in. Wear This To Work, Gaming and Anime Conventions, School, Etc. | ???Superior Polyester Material:?Laser Etched Design On Polyester Makes A Sharp Contrast And Is Extremely High Detailed Vs Other Materials. | ???Durability You Can Rely On:?Design Does Not Fade With Everyday Wear. Securely Fastens Your Keys, Badges, and Accessories With Ease. | ???Makes An Amazing Present:?Perfect Gift for Fans of Anime, Ahegao, Hentai, Fanfiction, Waifus, Manga, Cosplay, and Gaming.









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