Amazing Magic Flow Rings Kinetic Educational Spring Toy Funny Outdoor Game Intelligent Relax 3D Kinetic Ring Spring Bracelet Stainless Metal Galactic Globe Toy Fit for Kids Boys Girl Adults (Rainbow)

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Flow rings made of a single continuous strand of 304 stainless steel, coiled up as many rings, folds flat and pops open, surprising everyone | There are many ways to use this magic rings toy or as our customers call it arm spinner. Put your hand through the coils, then spiral up & down your arm.Play solo or with your friend: Roll Magic ring from one arm to the other, or Pass from your arm to your friend's | Magic rings recommended for Ages 6 and Up, the crazy coil drives the world crazy, fits both kids and adults.Take a moment from your busy day and release the pressure the holds you tight | Anxiety, Stress, & Anger Relief: Health professionals are providing this toy to their clients to help with stress and anxiety relief. This is something we learned recently after talking to health professionals and we are happy this toy is helping thousands around the world





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