AMEROUS Wooden Chess Pieces 3.03" King, Hand Carved Figure Figurine Chess Pawns Nature Wood Chessmen, French Staunton Style

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Brand: Amerous All chess pieces are made of nature wood. Hand crafted Figure individually with exquisite workmanship. You are gonna love our chess pieces. Amerous is a professional store that focus on chess selling. If you are also looking for chess board or chess set. We are offering the following ASINS for your best convenience. Just copy the ASIN and search on Amazon search bar. B01K9XO59Y (12" wooden chess set with magnetic crafted pieces) B06XQCVV8Q (15" wooden chess set with magnetic crafted pieces) B01MRKP91E (roll-up travel chess set) B071RK3JWQ (chess clock for competition)


French Staunton style chessmen made from premium quality nature wood. All pieces are hand crafted | King height 3.03", Other chess pieces are in excellent proportion | Best combination with 12"-17" chess board. Amerous is professional on chess set selling. Click in Amerous store you could also find chess set in different sizes or check on product description for your best convenience | Collector edition hand carved figurine, ideal for chess enthusiast. Drawstring bag included | Exquisite workmanship for each chessmen. Smooth processing was used at the bottom of each, to ensure the chessman will not scratch the surface of your chess board









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