Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Definer (Medium Brown). Retractable Eyebrow Pencil with Triangular Tip and Spooley. (Medium Brown. 0.007 oz/ 0.2 g).

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€œBeauty is not perfection. Real beauty is proportion€? - Anastasia Soare ANASTASIA OF BEVERLY HILLS BROW DEFINER.Designed to add definition to the eyebrow, this triangular tipped Brow Definer offers a unique retractable pencil with a thin, medium, and wide led point so that you can outline and fill your brows with ease. HOW TO USE. Start at the arch and using light pressure sketch light hair strokes down to the tail end of the brown Move to the front of the brow and create small hair strokes using an upward motion, meeting at the arch Trace the bottom and top edges of the brow to define the brow shape Fill in any sparse areas and brush through with the spooley to blend PRO TIP: Use the sharpest point of the tip for a thin line, the back of the pencil for a medium line, or a the side of the pencil to draw a thick line. ROOTED IN SACRED GEOMETRY. The patented Golden Ratio method remains at the heart of Anastasia Beverly Hills. Each product launch is inspired by makeup€™s unique ability to create the illusion of facial balance, symmetry, and proportion. BRINGING DREAMS WITHIN REACH. The Anastasia Brighter Horizons Foundation helps young adults leaving the foster care system succeed in the beauty industry. We offer education, scholarships, and job placement, to guide teens into adulthood. DEITY OF BEAUTY. With roster of celebrity clientele including Oprah, the Kardashians, and Naomi Campbell, CEO Anastasia Soare is an industry icon. Dedicated to natural beauty and form, she continuously develops innovative techniques and products.



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