Animolds XL Tie Dye Screaming Chicken Non Toxic Rubber Chicken Toy Best Chicken Toys for Kids and Adults (Single)

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Discover the funniest novelty toy to exist! The Animolds plastic chicken is the original and best novelty chicken noisemaker toy. Our hilarious squeaky chicken toy will be sure to relieve the tension at your next party or gathering. Standing at 15 inches tall this XL rubber chicken is a hilarious gift for any occasion. The ideal secret Santa gift & white elephant gift exchange item!


SAFE AND DURABLE: The Animolds Tie-Dye rubber chicken squeaky toy is made from safe and durable materials. For countless hours of screaming fun. | HILARIOUS SOUND: Be the life of the party with our screaming chicken! Simply squeeze for a loud screaming chicken noise that's bound to capture the attention of everyone in the room. The perfect alarm for waking up even the deepest of sleepers! | FUN FOR ALL: The Animolds screaming rubber chicken is fun for the whole family or office. Makes a great novelty gift & prank toy! | SIZE: The XL Tie-dye chicken is 15 inches tall. This is our biggest chicken toy on the market! | REALISTIC: The Animolds Tie Dye rubber chicken is the most realistic chicken on the market. With our ultra realistic beak and squeaky sound you wont be disappointed!

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