Art for toddlers - Fine motor skills - Water painting - Exclusive mess free water coloring - Toddler activity book paint - Water drawing - Aqua painting doodle pad - 3 years old - Paint with water

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If you're a parent of an active toddler, our paint with water set will help you. When you need 20 minutes of silence, give your baby our water coloring, a glass of water, and a brush. Our doodle pad is covered with a white coating, which becomes transparent after contact with water. When a toddler applies water over the black and white surface, it changes from black and white to colored. The child is interested, and you're not worried. The coolest thing is that nothing but water is needed, so the baby will not be able to lick the marker, drink watercolor or stain the sofa with ink. After the water painting session, you only need to wipe the table from the water drops and put the aqua painting on the shelf. After 10 minutes the water revealed picture dries and it can be used again. Package includes 4 paint with water cards.


PAINT WITH WATER. Set 4 cards in 1 pack "In the animal world". All you need is water and any brush (not included in the package) to start water painting. Special paint for toddlers is not necessary. Water drawing gives fine motor skills development, broadening of outlook and surprising result of water reveal effect | MESS FREE COLORING. Toddlers are busy with water coloring while parents are resting! Art for toddlers with exclusive stains and mess free coloring. Masterpieces that help spend no-gadget fun time. The thrilling and exciting process of water painting. Discover animals life and paint them with water | ART EDUCATION. These activity cards are designed by an artist with 30 years of experience in visual arts and teaching for children. This set combines entertainment and learning color and art | ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. Activity cards made from recyclable plastic. Strong and durable materials are stable in contact with water in contrast to toddler activity books from paper. Use the aqua doodle pad again and again after drying. More than 250 uses guaranteed | THE BEST GIFT FOR 3 to 6 years old girls and boys









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