Attractivia Magnetic Flash Cards - 36 Large Feelings Cards Vol. 1 (Basic Emotions) - for Teachers, Parents, Therapists

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 INCLUDED IN THIS SET - 36 Flash Cards of 12 Emotions/Feelings: Surprised, Happy, Sad, Angry, Hurt, Sick, Hungry, Thirsty, Hot, Cold, Tired and Love(Family)

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- Can be used by professionals needing innovative autism toys/learning products, alzheimers or dementia therapeutic products and related activities

- Emotions chosen are in line with the well known Zones of Regulation materials

- Suitable as teacher supplies for classroom of preschool age 3 or age 4. first(1st) grade, second(2nd) grade and third(3rd) grade as well as for toddlers 2-4 years

- In line with the Montessori philosophy for the development of children

- As early childhood and early toddler learning materials

- Multiple possibilities for child or teens play therapy games or early intervention toys for counselors

- as emotions and feelings posters/charts for kids therapists

- as a companion to any feelings book

 A WORD OF CAUTION: We believe there lies a great responsibility in the parent/teacher/therapist of presenting reality and humankind as diverse as it is to so we have chosen photos of diverse emotions, cultures, races, religions and sexual orientations. Even though we believe all the photos chosen have educational value for all ages, It's up to you to decide if you prefer to put away any of the cards for use in the future

 WARNING - Even though our product is certified 100% kid safe, it contains a heavy set of cards and sturdy box


EMOTIONS & LANGUAGE LEARNING, as conversation, emotional identification, articulation and social skills tools, speech therapy materials, esl teaching | JUMBO SIZE - 36 high quality photos rich in facial expressions, of these feelings: Surprised, Happy, Sad, Angry, Hurt, Sick, Hungry, Thirsty, Hot, Cold, Tired and Love(Family) | INNOVATIVE CLASSROOM SUPPLIES for kindergarten, preschool (pre k), early learning, school teacher resources | EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE DEVELOPMENT & THERAPEUTIC USE in childhood counseling, ABA therapy, autism | USE WITH educational or emotional intelligence stimulation activities with toddlers 2-4 years, kids, adults or seniors









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