Babook- Electronic Piggy Bank , Godzilla Monster Dinosaur Coin Bank Funny Kids' Money Banks for Children

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From the popular mischief BANK series was subjected to a specification of sticking to Godzilla version a new! ool Collectible Godzilla Item. his is a must have for godzilla fans. t growls like Godzilla, and the kids love it! It's such a unique gift!! Even the grown ups laughed and enjoyed watching it! !!!! Q: Why doesn't it workA: Press it! Press it! Press it! When you have the battery installed, push the groove where the coin is placed! --Q: How to use1.Confirm the coin outlet is closed. 2.Turn the bottom power switch to ON position. 3.Put a coin to correct position and gently press the coin, starting the program. 4.After about one second, start up procedure began to work. 5.The animal head rises to jack up the box cover, and its hand will take the coin into the box. --Q: How to take the coin out1.Before taking the coin out, please turn the power switch to off position, then use the hard object to along with the direction of the arrow to screw the lid that can open the outlet. 2.After removing the coin, use the same way to opposite direction of the arrow to screw the lid that can open or close the lid. Note: 1.When long time not in use, please remove all the batteries. 2.This product can't suffer from impact ,please handle with care. 3.The product can't close to the fire. 4. Please turn off the power when not in use.


It growls like Godzilla, and the kids love it! | Put a coin on the groove space and push it: then makes Godzilla's roaring, the creaks door open, and a little Monster's paw comes out and pulls the coin in. | This coin bank is a fun way to get the kids to learn about saving money. | pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. All worked great. | Soooo adorable!Great for young kids. Birthday/ holiday gift



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