Baby Love Home Montessori Nursing Wooden Car Gym Wooden Rattles 1pc Baby Teething Toys Non-Toxic Safe

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Welcome to Baby Love Home. About Our Products: 1. For the health of the baby, all of our materials are made of natural organic materials. Applies to baby and children. 2. baby into the bud, the teeth will be very sensitive. As the gums are under pressure, the gums are sore, and our products can help the baby relieve gingival discomfort and enhance the baby's tactile development. To avoid the baby to seize other items, to ensure safety and health. 3. rub the gums, prompting the baby's teeth to grow in time. Often chew, can make the jaw normal development, for the healthy growth of permanent teeth to lay a good foundation. 4. Exercise the baby's chewing ability, help the baby in the eating process of food chewing more fully, digest more thoroughly. 5.Our wooden teether have passed CE/EN71-3/EN71-2 certificate. 6.Our silicone teether have passed CE /FDA /BPA FREE/EN71-3/Australian standard certificate. Please note: 1. Baby first teethasy to irritability, toys to ease the baby's discomfort, but the use of toys, please adults guardianship. 2. Please regularly give toys disinfection, to ensure health, for the healthy growth of the baby. 3. Please store toys in a dry environment, Avoid wet growth of bacteria. 4. Due to the different display, the product color may be slightly different. Handmade products, size may be slightly different, please understand, thank you. 5. buyers to buy products, the use of the product bear full responsibility. The seller is not responsible for the negligence of the use of the buyer.


Natural wooden-100% organic beech,no paint, but polished | Developing-Cultivate the baby intellectual development.Specifically for baby teething | Baby gift-Is absolutely a very high standard and economical shower gift | Baby toys-Free of BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates, latex & cadmium | Babies should always be supervised while playing with adult and be never left alone.If the products was damaged, discard immediately as this may become a potential choking hazard.









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