Baby Nail File by baby blue giraffe (Pink)- The Original Glass Baby Nail File- 100% Manufactured in Europe

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Gentle, Safe & Fun

Are you looking for the easiest and safest way to trim your babys fingernails and toenails

At baby blue giraffe, weve invented the original Bohemian Czech glass safety nail filer suitable for newborns, infants, toddlers and children.

You might even love using it on your own nails!

European Crystal Glass Manufacturing

We searched for the highest quality and safest glass for our filer because we originally invented this product for use on our own newborns nails.

Unlike Chinese glass or plastic emery boards, genuine Bohemian Czech glass is free from toxic materials alike lead or other heavy metals.

Dont risk introducing harmful chemicals onto your childs skin or risk infection from the cut of a low quality glass or plastic filer.

Effective Micro Grit

The filing grit is so soft and fine that you dont need to worry about scraping or rubbing down your babys delicate finger pad or toe skin. Its designed specifically to grind away nails and nothing else.

Two Beautiful Colors

Choose from the original blue and white colored glass file or choose from our NEW pink and white colored glass file.

Both colors feature the same deluxe quality glass and are safe for babies of any age.

Contains Plastic File Case

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THE ORIGINAL - Avoid the cheap knockoff imitators! We are the original creators of genuine Czech glass baby files. We only source genuine Bohemian Czech glass from Prague because it's incredible micro crystal emery surface gently files baby nails without cuts, scrapes or boo boos. | ULTRA SAFE - Because we avoid cheap Chinese glass, we also avoid heavy metals like lead and other toxins from making their way into your household. Filing is much safer (and less stressful!) than sharp scissors or traditional clippers that can cut or injure your baby's delicate fingers and toes. | EASY & INTIMATE - The peace of mind knowing you won't hurt or harm your baby during necessary nail trimming makes the entire experience more enjoyable and much easier to complete. That's fantastic because Mommy or Daddy can have an intimate bonding time with their precious little boy or girl. | LASTS FOR YEARS - Due to the physical nature of crystal glass, the soft filing edge won't wear down even after years of use on your infant or toddler's fingernails. To protect your file and avoid breakage, we provide a clear plastic covering to store the file in when not in use. | MADE BY MOMMY - We created our baby glass nail file after the birth of our newborn and the stress of trying to cut tiny nails. Plastic emery board filers that we found at the local pharmacy were far too rough for our baby's delicate soft skin, but our deluxe Czech glass is gentle and smooth.









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