Baby Playpen Mosquito Net with Zippers, Premium Quality by Tedderfield, for Pack ‘n Play Playpens, Strollers, Easy Zip Access to Baby, Drawstring Base, Portable Netting Keeps Away Mosquitoes, Insects

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Tedderfield's zipper top playpen mosquito net can be used as a crib tent. This mosquito netting will easily cover a baby play pen. This crib canopy will keep mosquitoes, flies, bees, spiders and other bugs away from your baby. Mosquito nets are crib accessories and mosquiteros para cuna de bebes. This premium quality mesh covers a baby pen, mini pack n play, summer play yard, travel playpen, a pack n play, a stroller, a bassinet, a cradle. The zippers help you reach your child quickly and easily when they are in mini cribs. Use a zipper top mosquito net as baby mosquito repellent. This baby mosquito net is high quality and easy to use. If you need a crib cover, this mosquito netting will cover a travel pack n play. Planning to take your baby campingProtect them with zipper top mosquito netting. Drawstring base makes this baby mosquito net fit summer infant play yard, travel pack n plays. It is a stroller net too. The zippers make an easy access opening-total luxury! The crib net will not easily snag or tear like cheaper nets. The mosquito mesh size is big enough to allow for good airflow but small enough to keep insects out! This baby mosquito net is machine washable in a laundry bag in cold water, gentle cycle. Air dry. A tip: if you are covering any kind of portable playpen for baby, we recommend pulling the base drawstring tight and then tucking the net under the playpen. This makes the top surface tight enough to prevent small toys or balls from landing on your child in case anyone happens to toss something in their direction. This can be used as a stroller mosquito net. It will cover all sizes of stroller: single, double, jogging strollers. This crib tent to keep baby from climbing out will be much appreciated by babysitters. This crib tent to keep baby in also keeps bugs away. This crib netting keeps bugs away from your baby. Looking for stroller netting mosquito


TOP ZIPPER OPENING on net for EASY ACCESS TO CHILD—zippers on two sides allow you to place the bug net on the playpen, tighten the drawstring base, and then simply open and close zippers to put your child in and take your child out. NO MORE FIGHTING WITH ELASTIC! (Please note: Playpen NOT included.) | PLEASE NOTE: DIMENSIONS: L40.5” x W29.5” x H32.5”. WHITE insect net fits most STANDARD SIZED pack n plays, playpens and playards. ADJUSTABLE DRAWSTRING BASE provides FLEXIBILITY so you can ALSO USE this portable baby net to COVER STROLLERS (regular, double, and jog), BASSINETS, CRADLES, etc. Position the zippers where you want them, then tighten the drawstring to fit what you’d like to cover. | PREMIUM QUALITY NETTING is STRONG and DURABLE and will not easily snag and tear like cheaper nets. Rip tested-stands up well to normal wear and tear. PERFECT MESH SIZE allows for GOOD AIR FLOW to keep your baby or toddler COMFORTABLE and PROTECTED from pesky insects like mosquitoes, bees, other flying or crawling insects, and small toys or balls if anyone happens to toss them! | BREATHABLE polyester weave (BETTER AIRFLOW underneath than nylon nets) provides comfort INDOORS and OUTDOORS. ECO-FRIENDLY net is UNTREATED (no DEET or permethrin) so it is a NATURAL MOSQUITO REPELLENT. Your child can enjoy peaceful sleep and play time without insecticide and without bugs! PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT! | Includes STORAGE BAG and whimsical teddy bear zipper pulls. MACHINE WASHABLE in a laundry bag in cold water, air dry. TIP: once you tighten the drawstring, tuck the net under the playpen or around a stroller or bassinet or cradle to make sure there are no gaps.

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