Baby Portable Diaper Changing Pad for Travel - Compact Infant Change Mat - Dinosaur Print Large

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This diaper changing pad by Duckery Kid has been designed to bring vibrant color and fun into changing babies. But fun is not our only goal. This pad is constructed of minky fabric which is the gentlest thing for babies' skins. It's waterproof, its washable, its large, its lightweight, it fits. So what more is there to diaper changing Let the fun begin


Velvety soft underpad provides your baby with a warm and fuzzy diaper change experience. | Big size will cover germy surfaces and protect your infant. Perfect for car trunks and seats, public bathroom stations, parks, trips, airplane seats and cribs. | Extra large size (20” x 29”) makes this the perfect changing pad for newborns and toddlers alike. No need to keep on replacing the pads as your baby grows. | Travel light and easy with this lightweight and compact portable POCKET pad. It will barely add weight or space to your diaper bag. NOTE: Pad is not padded by any additional layers so it can maintain the unique qualities of being lightweight and compact! | Machine wash cold. Dry ONLY on low heat. High heat will cause the PUL waterproof lining to melt.









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