Baker’s Best Age Spot and Skin Brightening Cream for Age Spots, Liver Spots, Freckles | Face Dark Spots Eraser Remover Cream | Contains Kojic Acid, Green Tea Extract - 2 Ounce

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Baker’s Best Age Spot and Skin Brightening Cream is safe for all skin types. Thanks to a top-secret of natural ingredients and most gentle botanicals, this new cream does it all: helps fade age spots, brightens your complexion, smooths and moisturizes your skin. Here is how this amazing the Beauty Cream Works: The unique formulation tackles the first signs of aging, including age spots, dark spots, liver spots, and wrinkles. It assists in the fading of redness and acne marks. The cream also helps to even out skin tone. Its skin brightening action lightens skin impacted by sun damage, brown patches, and pigmentation, leading to a more vibrant, glowing look. In addition to battling the signs of aging, it also helps promote the growth of new skin cells on the surface. It also moisturizes and nourishes your skin, while helping to prevent new spots and blemishes from forming. Powerful Natural Ingredients to Remove Age Spots: a-Arbutin: It helps block melanin formation - the pigment that causes age spots and dark blotches Aloe Barbadensis: Speeds production of new skin cells; also hydrates and softens skin Grape Fruit Extract: A super-potent antioxidant which helps fight the signs of aging and minimize sun damage Carota Sativa Extract: Necessary for cellular health, it nourishes skin with a natural form of Vitamin A Green Tea Extract: Rich in antioxidants, tightens, tones, and assists in keeping skin looking young Kojic Acid: This mushroom extract is a potent skin lightener that’s effective in fading age spots, uneven skin tone, and freckles. It also supports skin lightening Sunflower Seed Oil: Softens and smooths skin on contact



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