Balloon Garland Arch Kit,112pcs Pink White Gold Balloons Pack for Girl Birthday Baby Shower Bachelorette Party Backdrop Background Decorations

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Pink white and gold balloons package kit super easy to make BALLOON GARLAND or ARCH looks gorgeous. 

Just take 30 minutes to assemble easily, the air will stay in balloons for along time at least 7 days.

Please follow the specification to make garland or arch inside the packages.

Balloon Package Detail

* Pink0"× 50pcs 

* White0"× 50pcs 

* Metallic Gold2"× 12pcs 

Balloon Garland Accessories Kit Detail

1.16ft long balloon decorating strip tape: Put balloons together,it can be cut,bend and connect the balloon tape, shape them however you like.

2.100 dot glue: Small strong transparent glue dot makes it easy to fill the gap of balloons with smaller balloons.


PACKAGE INCLUDE: latex balloon packaging (50 10" pink balloons + 50 10" white balloons + 12 12" metal gold balloons), overall balloon garland accessory set (16 foot long balloon decorative strip + 100 dispensing). | COLOR: It is composed of pink, white and gold. It suits the party as a gorgeous looking background. | HIGH QUALITY: The balloon is made of natural latex and is non-toxic. Each balloon is rigorously tested and manually selected. These pink and gold balloons are ideal for princess party supplies, princess birthday decorations, pink party decorations, gold party decorations, pink and gold birthday decorations. These chrome/metal balloons may have some metallic paint and calcium powder to prevent the balloons from sticking together. | FIT FOR ALL OCCASION: The pink white gold balloon is a perfect size for your any party decoration. Perfect for baby showers, weddings, parties, banquets, birthday parties, anniversaries, celebrations, barbecues, opening ceremonies, etc. for indoor or outdoor activities.






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