Barber Cape for Kids - Ymnenvxo Professional Hair Salon Cape with Adjustable Snap Closure Waterproof Hair Cutting Cape for Salon and Home - 51 x 36 inches (Ocean World)

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Sill feeling headache when having a naughty kid in the barber chairOr, still worrying about your kids got allergy from ungraded fabricWellou should never worry again, cause our brand new Ymnenvxo Marine theme children hair cape have already solve this problem for you. n Ocean Park on cloth Putting on the capes is the very first step for barbering, however, making the kids love the barber cape is the very first step for a happy barbering. A bubbling cute whale with two naughty octopus will lead the kids to explore the sea world, makes the barbering time memorable for the kids. igh quality material Our barber apron is made from breathable cottom-terylene and it is also durable, smooth and non-stimulating. It is very suitable for children skin to have a comfortable experience for the kids. djustable collar fastener Stable fastener design has 6 different types to adjust the collar to fit the neck perfectly and thus fit for children of different ages. angable design Ymnenvxo kids cape can hang to dry after wash, keep it dry and clean from all around without any wrinkle. Thus to protect children skin and increase the product life at the meantime. Product Specifications: Material: Cotton-terylene Product gross weight: 4.39 ounces Size: 51" x 36" Packing Contents: 1 x hair cutting cape Note: 1.We recommend that it be hung up after cleaning and dried naturally 2.Please use cold water for machine washing 3.Do not soak in boiling water 4.Can be ironed at high temperature It is our top priority to meet our customers satisfaction, if you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitatet to contact us. We will reply you within 24 Hours, and give you the best service!


Fascinating Marine World Kids usually get nervous when coming into a black cape, thus leads to an unhappy haircut. But, this time, we design this cape for the kids' own good. The color blue has the magic that make people calm down and can also raise kids' curiosity. Ymnenvxo MARINE theme children barber cape uses gradient blue with childish paintings. The cute whale with two naughty octopus can totally catch kids' eyes, while they are getting their hair cut, they can have a good experience. | Breathable & Comfortable Material This kind of haircut cape is made by high quality Cotton-terylene. It is breathable, lightweight, durable and smooth. It is not only for the Barber’s, but also a nice choice for the diligent parents who do hair for their kids at home to complete a nice work. | High-Quality Adjustable Snap Fastener The collar part of the hairdressing cape use a kind of stable and safe fastener design, it can ensure the cape stay steady. There are six different types to fit for children of different ages. | 51" x 36" Size & Hangable Design The one can fully cover the user under its protection has the best size. It can ensure the user has a best hair wash and hair cut with a spotless cloth. The salon cape has a newly added sewn-in loop for hanging, it is a good design to keep the cape dry and clean without any wrinkle, and keep the kids away from germ and mould. | Multiple Ways of Cleaning High quality material means easy cleaning. Because of the waterproof material, it can 100 percent keep kids’ clothes from water, beside, it also means simply wiping is enough to do the clean job, and of cause, handwash or machinewash are all doable. As for drying, the cape’s breathable material can dry shortly after wash.









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