Bath and Body Spa Gift Baskets Pampering Gift Set. Bergamot Aromatherapy Spa Baskets for Women. Bath & Body Works Gift Baskets for Relaxation! Best Bath Gift Sets for Womens Gift Basket!.

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Aromatherapy and At Home Spa Treatment, Luxury Taken to The Next Level! Our gourmet gift baskets are truly unique, with exclusive aromatherapy baskets for all of life's special occasions. Our carefully handcrafted bath & body products are naturally formulated & contain NO Sulfates or Parabens. Intoxicating fragrances combined with our superior skin loving formulas make them the most popular & sought after gift baskets for women & men. So go ahead & "Lather in the Love", Purelis spa baskets quickly become treasured keepsakes!


RELAXING AROMATHERAPY PAMPERING GIFT SET: 🎁 This Holiday Gift Basket is the Ultimate Bath Gift Set for relaxation - it will give your loved ones a crash course in the Three R's Treatment. Renew... Recharge... Rejuvenate. | GERANIUM & BERGAMOT ESSENTIAL OILS: 🎁 Sensational Spa Goodies with Beloved Geranium and Bergamot Essential Oil nourish the skin & body and soothe the soul. Experience the combined benefits of premium bath products along with the holistic healing of pure essential oils! For instant relief from anxiety exhaustion or moodiness, add 5 πŸ’§s each of Geranium and Bergamot oil to your bath water. | TAKING SELF CARE TO THE NEXT LEVEL: 🎁 Starting with Luxurious Shampoo & Conditioner, Body Wash, Bubble Bath, Bath Salts, Bath Caviar and Bath Bomb, all in Beloved Geranium and Bergamot! | FOR THE BEST BATH SET 🎁 We make it even better with our premium blend Bergamot & Geranium Essential Oils & Bath Oil to ensure the greatest spa basket for Women & Men. We then top off this basket with skin revinving hand mitts & a luxurious Lava Stone Aromatherapy Bracelet!! Redefine Luxury with this 1-of-a-kind Aromatherapy Gift Collection! | AROMATHERAPY LOVERS GUARANTEE: 🎁 Enjoy a healing aromatherapy session combined with a Luxurious Home Spa Experience! We are so sure you will love your basket! If you don't for any reason feel free to exchange or return without any hassle!









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