Bathroom Stool (1 Pair) with Travel Bag Folding Bamboo Wood Squatting Stools 7", 8", 9" Adjustable

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QUIT PUSHING SO HARD! TBH Bamboo Squatting Stool is designed to help you go easier, with less strain and effort. Relieve the pressure and stop spending endless hours in the bathroom, only to develop painful hemorrhoids. Simply use the centuries-old technique, backed by science to perfectly align your body to make pooping easier. A HIGH-QUALITY BUILD. We constructed our pair of toilet stools for squatting with sustainable bamboo, a material with extra strength and durability. We made it sturdier by adding a support screw in the middle to handle the weight of most adults. It is secure with skid-resistant feet, so youl feel stable as you plant your feet securely to the planks. CARRY IT WITH YOU. Once you experience the bliss of going with little effort, you won be without this pair of toilet stools. Wee included a cloth bag so you can easily pack this set in your suitcase or backpack. Take them on your camping trip, to hotels around the world, or simply slide them under your desk at work. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT, SO WEE MADE THE HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE. All your teens and adult family members can use this set with a quick adjustment of the height. Magnet notches underneath the plank board allow you to quickly re-position the legs for heigts of 7, 8 and 9 inches high. BUY TODAY TO RELIEVE STRAIN AND GAIN THE TIME FOR YOUR LIFE. Purchase this incredible, life-changing set of stools today and experience the pure please of empty bowels!


Align your toilet with potty stools for better health.Finally, constipation relief that works! Prep your bathroom properly to relieve constipation so you can go more freely! It’s all in the way you sit upon your toilet or adult potty chair. | Squatting on the Potty is the Best Way! When it’s time to have a bowel movement, set your body in the right position with our adjustable stools designed to raise your knees and lower your rump. Easily adjusts to 7” 8”9” high and features non-slip feet. | Less strain with the proper angle. When you use our potty stools, you’ll feel less of a strain in the muscles so you’ll feel more relaxed. | Bamboo is an Eco-Friendly product. A sustainable and renewable resource, bamboo is a wonderful choice for the environment over plastic step stools. And ours are STURDIER! | Toilet Step Stools for Adults. The bamboo double toilet foot stools raise your knees which tilts your body at the perfect angle to open the rectum. If you’re often straining, this POSITION may help you immensely. ADD it your cart and enjoy the RELEASE







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