BBTO 8 Pieces Teething FDA-Approved Silicone Material Teether No BPA Safe Teether

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FBA-certified silicone material: The silicone material of our teething have passed the FDA certification, do not contain toxic substances such as BPA, lead, etc., they are suitable for dishwashers and refrigerators and can be disinfected at high temperature. Soft and don't hurt your baby's gums: They will not hurt your baby's gums, and your baby's deciduous teeth will grow healthily. With multiple bite points design: After constant testing and adjustment, our teether have multiple bite points design, different biting points bring different touches, can massage the baby's tender gums, help the baby to reduce the discomfort of the gums when the teeth are out. Fit for babies' hands and easy to grip: Our teether products are proper for the baby's small hands, and the baby can easily grasp. Multiple shapes and appearances: Our set of teether contains fruits shape, animals shape and milk bottle shape, etc., they are available in a variety of colors and colors, multiple shapes and colors will enhance the baby's visual recognition and grip. Specifications: Material: FDA approved silicone Shape and color: as picture shows Item weight: 5.57 oz/ 158 g Package includes: 8 x Teether Notes: For your baby's health, please clean and disinfect the teether before the first use. In order to avoid waste caused by over-packaging, our products are packaged in a separate simple opp bag, if you mind, please buy with caution.


FDA-approved material: our teether are made of FDA approved silicone material, don't contain toxic chemicals such as BPA and lead, enough safe that you can be assured that allow babies to use, suitable for dishwashers, refrigerators, high temperature disinfection | Suitable for teething period: all the babies will experience a period of painful teething, after continuous testing, we have designed a variety of shape bite points on the soft and comfortable teether to bring different touches for massaging the baby's tender gums, helping the baby to ease the discomfort of the teething to help the babies' deciduous teeth grow healthily, and will not hurt the baby's gums, they will be good gift to accompany the baby through the teething period | Fit for baby's grasp: our teether are designed for baby, they are very suitable for the baby's small hands, and babies can grasp them easily, at the same time, it's helpful to exercise the flexibility of the baby's fingers and the coordination ability of the hands, eyes and brain | Multi training and educational usage: our teething has vivid fruit shapes, animal shapes, milk bottle shape, etc., which allow the baby to know our rich world at an early stage, at the same time, these teether have many bright colors, which can exercise the baby's ability to recognize colors and shapes, in addition, the use of teether for the baby can also keep the baby from developing a bad habit of biting the finger to a certain extent | What you get: our packaging contains 8 different kinds of teether, including fruit shape, animal shape, milk bottle shape, etc., which can be held with both hands or with one hand, etc., various shapes and colors can exercise the visual recognition ability and grasp ability of babies









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