Be Amazing Pop Top Rockets

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Simply add water to a canister, drop in a Fizzer tablet, snap the lid shut, and stand back while the rocket POPS.
PopTopRocketFlying FoamRocket
With over 20 activities, your child is taught how to use the kit to make a great science fair project.

Be amazing! ToysPop Top Rockets is based on an activity well know at summer camps. Kids place fizzing tablets and a little water in a tightly sealed snap-can. The reaction begins almost immediately as the carbon dioxide released from the dissolving tablet quickly makes the top of the can go pop - about four or five. Better than summer camp, Pop Top Rockets teaches your child the science behind the popping tops. The kit comes with six snap-can canisters that become the ockets.(Snap cans look like old-fashioned film canisters but have gradations marked on them for accurate measuring.) There are fizzing tablets to use as fuel or your child will learn to mix up a personalized batch of fuel using the packages of baking soda and citric acid included in the kit. It all very safe - the kit comes with safety goggles and the young scientists are reminded with each experiment to put them on.

A Great Way for Parents and Children to Learn Science Basics Together

This is a great kit for you and your child to work together to learn how these amazing rockets fly. The clever instructions walk you through the basics of each activity and then offer alternatives to build your child science skills. With your assistance, and with the aid of the safety goggles, the activities progress safely and with great


Teaches children chemistry and physics | Kit includes everything you need, even safety goggles | More than 20 activities | Comes in a resuable storage container









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