BETTERLINE Analog Chess Clock Timer | Professional-Grade Wooden Clock | Wind-Up Mechanism | Large Easy-to-Read Dials | No Battery Needed | by Better Line

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You can't have an official chess tournament without a clock to time each player's moves and ensure fairness throughout the game. The Better Line Professional Analog Wood Chess Clock Timer is uniquely designed to serve as a reliable, accurate and convenient time-keeping solution and is a must-have for any serious chess player. The Better Line Professional Analog Wood Chess Clock Timer is completely analog, meaning that its movement system doesn't require a battery. As a result, the clock is incredibly reliable. Simple to use, the timer only needs to be wound and set at the start of the game to be ready to go. Its sweeping second hand improves accuracy and allows for very precise timekeeping. Measuring 6.3" x 4" x 2.4" inches (16" x 10" x 6" cm) in size, the Wooden Chess Clock is lightweight and easy to transport to tournaments and matches. The clock is fabricated out of solid wood, making it much more durable and far more stylish than plastic. The clock features easy-to-push buttons at the top for starting and stopping at each turn. With the Better Line Professional Analog Wood Chess Clock Timer, you're guaranteed to be happy with your purchase, or you won't pay a thing. We offer a complete 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee on the wood chess clock. Keep time the professional way during every chess game! Order the Better Line Professional Analog Wood Chess Clock Timer today. To Set the Analog Clock - Review the manual in the last picture The analog chess clock features a real clock face and, therefore, counts upwards. The signal that a player's time has expired is a small red flag found near the 11:00 position. As the minute hand approaches the 12:00 position, this small red flag will rise. When it reaches precisely 12:00 the flag falls. In a competition, the players whose "flag has fallen" loses the game because his time has expired.


TOURNAMENT-READY QUALITY Timer is made out of premium wood materials, which provide a more classic feel and are far more durable and stylish than plastic | NO BATTERY NEEDED Wind-up mechanism ensures that you'll never have to interrupt a game to replace a battery | INCREDIBLY ACCURATE Second-hand improves the accuracy of this 6.3-inch by 4-inch chess clock | SO SIMPLE TO USE Just wind it up and set the hands before the game begins | EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY We offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee on this chess clock, so you're sure to be impressed with its quality









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