Beyondsky Mavic pro Battery Safe Bag Explosionproof Resistant Battery Charging Storage Fireproof Battery Portable Bag for DJI Mavic Pro/ DJI Mavic 2 Zoom/Pro (#1)

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Beyondsky Drone Battery Safety Bag with heat-resistance, radiation protection, explosion-proof and anti-impact functions,to ensure you carry your drone batteries safe everywhere you want. Perfect battery safety bag for travel, storage,also for flight. Unique design for DJI Mavic Pro, but also large enough for Mavic Platinum / Mavic 2 Pro / Mavic 2 Zoom batteries.

Flame retardant fiberglass woven fabric 100% brand new and high quality long lasting material.
Fireproof & Explosionproof 2 main functions.
The safest way to store and carry your lipos.
Contain any fire caused by incorrectly charging or poorly functioning packs.
Protect your workshop,home,etc from the hazard of lipo charging.

For DJI Mavic Pro,also suitable Mavic Platinum / Mavic 2 pro / Mavic 2 Zoom.
Size: 11.5 * 9.5 *4.6cm (4.53 * 3.74 * 1.81 inch).
Net Weight: 44g 0.1 lb).
Color: Black.

We always urge all of our customers to always practice extreme caution when charging lithium polymer packs.
Never leave a charging lithium battery unattended.
Always ensure the battery is on a non-flammable surface.
The Lipo safe bag is intended to reduce the chances of damaged in the event of a lipo fire.

3PCS Mavic Pro Battery Safe Bag (Batteries are not included)


? PERFECT PROTECT FOR DJI DRONE BATTERY?Beyondsky DJI battery safe bag protects your batteries well while storage at home or traveling outside. Perfect fireproof battery bag to prevent a potential battery overheat or explosion from the hazard of lipo charging. | ? JUST THE RIGHT SIZE?Battery safe bag measures 11.5 * 9.5 *4.6cm (4.53 * 3.74 * 1.81 inch),special designed for storing and protecting DJI Mavic batteries from being damaged, suitable for Mavic Pro/Mavic Platinum / Mavic 2 Pro / Mavic 2 Zoom batteries and other similar size batteries. | ? DURABLE MATERIAL?Mavic battery bag made of advanced flame retardant fiberglass woven fabric, fire-proof, explosion-proof, scratch-resistant, heat-resistance, radiation protection, and anti-impact functions, help you and your family far away from the fire and explosion which caused by battery overheat or lipo charging. | ? MAKE TRAVEL HAPPIER? Make travel with your drone more easier, our DJI drone battery bag will protect your batteries and yourself well,also may help you get through the TSA at airports more easier (No issues so far, but depends on airline regulations). | ? PACKAGE INCLUDED?Comes with 3 pcs DJI Battery Safe Bags for Mavic Pro / Mavic Platinum / Mavic 2 pro / Mavic 2 Zoom, to separate each of your batteries and that they are protected (Batteries are not included).









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