Big Mum Go Timber Tower Wood Block Stacking Game - Original Edition (51 Pieces)

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Xiosag 51 wooden tumbling tower stacking game. The contents include: 51 solid wood building blocks, 4 Dice and a small hammer Play: classic stack game (method of strengthening coordination ability of both hands) Domino Game (Great Development of Self-control and Patience) Build building blocks (fully exercise imagination and creativity) It can be a child's birthday gift, a toy rich in education, and you can enjoy this moment with your child. At the same time, it can also be a party drinking game. If you like her/him, you can play together to promote friendship. There is no age limit, and you can play alone with many people and one person. Prohibition: children under 3 years old playing alone Maintenance: wash hands before and after use and regularly clean them. Introduction of playing methodsFirst, three pieces of wood are stacked into a tower (or other stacking methods) in a staggered way, then the dice are rolled in turn to decide which color or which layer of wood to extract (or at will). The extracted wood should be placed on the top layer of the tower. The collapse of the tower is considered a failure in the process of extracting and placing the wood. You can also DIY, use your own brains and fold various shapes. Use of dice1.Each person throws one dice, and randomly draws one of the building blocks from the bottom according to the number of dice, and then puts it on the top or on one side. whoever draws the building blocks will lose if they fall down. 2.Each person rolls 4 dice, uses addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to obtain a 2-digit number, then draws out the corresponding one of the building blocks, and puts it on top or aside. whoever draws out the building blocks and turns them down will lose.


We use better quality wood to build this tumbling tower stacking game to ensure its service life and experience. | No paint! Ensure texture and enhance safety. Grind many times to remove burrs, making toys and smooth without hurting hands. | Building blocks with various playing methods are educational gifts for children. When used as dominoes, they can fully exercise the patience and coordination of hands. | Add a small hammer to increase the entertainment of this party game. If you lose, Prepare to be punished ~ | Made in strict accordance with ASTM F963-17 and certified (no children under 3 years old are allowed to play







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