Blackhead Remover Cleanser with Salicylic Acid, Blackhead Eliminator & Dissolving Gel, 1 Ounce by LAUDA BOTANICALS

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Are you tired about stubborn blackhead and whitehead spots in your nosePerhaps you have tried charcoal masks with okay results but you hate peeling them off or want to stay away from blackhead masks. Our blackhead remover is a unique gel formula trusted by skincare and beauty professionals to effectively remove blackheads and transform oily, acne prone skin into smooth, healthy skin that glows.A Powerful Formula Lauda Botanicals Blackhead Dissolving Gel offers several benefits as compared to ordinary acne treatment blackhead remover products: Fast Working Gel - dissolves impurities, cleans out clogged pores and blackheads Prevents Pore Enlargements - unclogged pores result in healthy firm skin Controls Oil Production - your skin will look fresh and vibrant longer. Warning: Apply in a small skin area to test. Discontinue use if you experience a skin reaction. Not suitable for sensitive skin. Consult with your doctor if you can apply this product in combination with other skin treatments or medications.


REMOVE BLACKHEADS, WHITEHEADS AND DARK SPOTS: This effective alternative to a blackhead pull off mask dissolves your dark spots and minimizes pores; no more waiting 20 minutes for harmful chemicals in black masks or invasive comedone extractor tools | UNCLOG PORES FOR MEN & WOMEN: Forget the painful blackhead vacuum; this pore cleanser gel contains a combination of exfoliating aha and bha acids such as lactic and salicylic acids that unclog pores, deep cleanse and reduce enlarged pores; not for sensitive skin. | LACTIC ACID BASED FORMULA: Beauty and skin care professionals use our blackhead treatment for stubborn blackheads on patients with oily skin and acne prone skin effectively and safely; this gentle gel is also used as a whitehead remover. | QUICK RESULTS: It's painless to use our black heads remover wash; see results in just 2-3 tries; for even better results, some clients use it in combination with a face pore steamer, nose blackhead remover strips or extraction tools. | GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: We are confident that you will be happy with your blackhead eliminator but if for any reason you are not thrilled, the 30-day manufacturer guarantee has got you covered.









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