Bo-Toys Vortex Gravity Defying Coin Bank , Watch Money Defy Gravity Circling Around When Saving Loose Coins

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Science museums around the world always have a VORTEX display. That's because its fun to watch people drop a coin into it. Now we made a smaller version for desktop or home. Kids love it, Adults love it. They are entertained by a simple coin. Just put a coin onto VORTEX track and watch the fun begin. The coin will become fascinating to watch as it spins around the VORTEX until finally drops into a coin storage base. Why keep your loose change in a jar when you can have fun saving it A new place to keep your loose change. Even your friends will put coins into the VORTEX just to watch what happens.
Measures : 14 x 7 x 7


Fun VORTEX bank. Drop a coin on to the ramp and watch it travel magically around and around inside a wall of VORTEX ( Slowly defying gravity) | until coin drops down into the coin Chamber. | Seen in Museums all across the World! | A Place to Keep your loose Change and HAVE FUN doing it! | Great for teaching gyroscopic motion, rotational energy, law of conservation of energy, etc. 16 inch high









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