Boar Bristle Bamboo Oval Detangling and Straightening Hair Brush Men Nylon Boars Detangle Hair Brushes for Women Mens and Children Paddle Brush Wooden Bore Eco Hairbrush for Thick Curly Hair Men

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The best wooden boar bristle hair brush on the market. This is an ideal decision for those who decided to keep the hair in a perfect condition.

The hair brush has natural bristles with an bamboo handle. This environmentally-friendly product will help you in taking care of your hair.

The boar bristle hair brush provides shine and health of your hair by distributing root oils uniformly over the hair. Moreover, you won't have problems with excessive root oils, the wooden boar bristle brush takes all redundant oils on its bristles.

It serves as a natural protector and conditioner of your hair. The way how the boar bristle brush distributes your scalp oil helps to cover all the hair with oil and condition your hair in such a way. Save your money with this free natural conditioner.

Prevents ends breakage. This wooden boar bristle brush gently distributes root oils from the very beginning of your hair to the ends. In such a way your ends are filled with oils, become soft and don't break because of dryness.

Suitable for all hair types. The technology of this brush production takes into account all the nuances of different hair types. As a result, the wooden boar bristle brush works on thin and fine as well as curly and straight hair. It can used for both children and adults. No age or sex limitation, this brush matches everyone.

Increase your hair growth with no extra expensive products, massage your hair roots every day and you will see the result in the shortest time possible.


GLOSS & SHINE: Amazing Bamboo Hair Brush! The wooden boar bristle hair brush distributes natural hair oils from the roots to the tips, adding shine and texture. Using hair brush with strong bamboo handle for women and men like massager and care for your smoothing hair! | NATURAL CONDITIONER: Wild boars paddle brush distributes scalp sebaceous oils throughout the whole hair. The nylon bristles boar brush help to stimulates your scalp, straightening and detailing thick, curly and long hair. Less styling products! | PERFECT GIFT SET FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: Sonvera boar bristle brush works well for everyone - men, women and children - whether you have long, short, medium, thick, thin, curly, wavy or straight hair. It's even gentle enough to detangle and style extensions and wigs. Pure natural boar bristle hair brush dryer is best used for thin fine and normal hair. | PREVENTS HAIR LOSS & FRIZZ: Eco-friendly boar frizzy dry hair brush straightener seals in split end gives elasticity to reduce breakage. Brushing hair without pain, damage and tangles | YOUR HAIR WON'T RETAIN STATIC: Natural boar bristle hair brushes doesn't generate static electricity. Save money with SONVERA, fine hair brush! Perfect gifts for mom Mothers or Fathers day, Thanksgiving or Christmas.









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