Boar Bristle Hair Brush for Men Natural Hair Brushes for Women Pure Boar Bristle Brush Mens Hair Brush Set Boars Hair Brush Oval Wooden Bore Eco Bamboo Hairbrush Adds Shine Fine Soft Thin Hair

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The BEST UPGRADED SET boar hair brush with wood cleaner + perfect travel bag for your brush! It making your hair smooth and shiny.

Synthetic materials won't give you quite the same results. Only the pro soft bristle hair brush. This boars hair brush is very soft. The bristles of the brush are not too long. The boar paddle brush has a special purpose:ÂÂ

à °Å ¸Å’ ¿Natural boars bristle hair brush contains the same compound we have in our human hair - keratin. As you brush your hair the nylon boar bristle brush helps to produce and take the oils and spread it from the very root of your hair and helps effectively carry it throughout the hair length and smooth it until the end.
oar bristles spreads your scalp natural oils and does not let make hair look dirty greasy or look wet. It gives hair strength suppleness and a healthy sheen.
revents hair from falling out (most common issue with new moms).
oars head brush can detangle every hair type curly short wave hair even the most stubborn ones detangling even on beard. But you must be careful of using the brush for thick hair.
ets rid of the static electricity in your hair.
à °Å ¸Å’ ¿Best Boar bristle brush are 100% natural & chemical free.
verything is handmade - no machine oils or other substances are used in the process. This men's hairbrushes is a professional styling tool!

FULL REFUND GUARANTEE We are sure and guarantee the quality for your product. That why if for any reason you are not satisfied with SONVERA simply write back to us and we will replace for new SONVERA hair brushes for men or refund your money. Feel free to contact us with any questions. If you are happy with it we would be grateful for an Amazon review. Thank you for your attention!


GLOSS & SHINE: UPGRADED Bamboo Hair Brush & Wooden Cleaner Tool Set! The wooden boar hair brush distributes natural hair oils from the roots to the tips, adding shine and texture. Using hair brush with strong bamboo handle for women and men like massager and care for your smoothing hair! | NATURAL CONDITIONER: Wild boars paddle brush distributes scalp sebaceous oils throughout the whole hair. The pure bristles boar brush help to stimulates your scalp, straightening and detailing thick, curly and long hair. Less styling products! | PERFECT GIFT SET: Our set comes with WOOD CLEANER and TRAVEL BAG for your brush.Hair brush cleaner tool is great for cleaning any hairbrush size. Pure natural boar bristle hair brush dryer is best used for thin fine and normal hair. | PREVENTS HAIR LOSS & FRIZZ: Eco-friendly boar dry hair brush straightener seals in split end gives elasticity to reduce breakage. Brushing hair without pain, damage and tangles | YOUR HAIR WON'T RETAIN STATIC: Natural boar bristle hair brushes doesn't generate static electricity. Save money with SONVERA, fine hair brush! Perfect gifts for mom, friends and clients, Mothers or Fathers day, Thanksgiving or Christmas.









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