Body Brush for Shower Bath Brush Back Scrubber Ultra-Soft Silicone Brush with Long Handle Plus a Callus Remover Foot File for Feet, Baby Blue

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Why do you need a Tancano Silicone Bath Body Brush + Foot File Callus Remover Pack Advantages of Silicone Bath Body Brush 1. Silicone bath body brush has 10.82 inches extra long handle which enables you to massage/clean the hard to reach area at the back or to whole body. 2. Suitable for all types of skin. Gentle& soft silicone bristles won't cause allergy to sensitive or acne skin. 3. Clean and scrub your back with this silicone body brush, which is definitely better than scrubing with your hands. The long bristles will clean each and every pores of your skin and deliver the extra comforbleness. 4. The high quality eco-friendly silicone material made this shower brush easy to clean, quick to dry, that harmful germs will be nowhere to breed. 5. Anti slippery texture on handle made this shower brush to be user friendly, not like the normal brushes, always falling from your hand. Advantages of foot file callus remover 1. Perfect solution for dry, calloused and cracked heels, delivers equally good result for both dry and wet feet. You can use it after shower or anytime feel like doing a foot care. 2. The stainless steel material made the foot file sturdy and light weight, that allows you to work with ease and gives you soft feet with little effort. 3. The appropriate sharpness of the blade shaves off the dried layers of callouses instantly, and the convex shape allows the foot file to reach every corners of your foot surface. 4. This is the most easy to use foot file callus remover ever. Specifications: Brand: Tancano Color: Baby Blue Weight of silicone brush: 0.5LB Material: BPA free eco-friendly silicone material Weight of foot file callus remover: 0.2LB Material: Stainless steel Condition: Brand New







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