Boley 4 Pack Pull String Animal Surfer Bath Toy Set - Educational Toy Perfect for Kids, Children, Toddlers - Ideal for Kids's Water Parties, Bathtub Fun, Or Summer Pool Parties!

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The Boley Story Designing and manufacturing innovative children toys is one family decades-long passion project. Since its founding in 1981, Boley has created fun, high-quality, and intellectually-stimulating toys that challenge the imagination of children everywhere. Boley excellence in new toy development has been recognized by partnerships with major retailers including Target, Wal-Mart, Toys Us, Babies Us, Dollar Tree, and more. Boley believes that children are at their best when they engage in creative play that opens their mind to imagine new possibilities and ideas. Boley facilitates that special experience for children by bringing you action-packed toys that will fill your homes with joy, laughter, and love. Boley provides a diverse variety of toys and games for babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, and even adults of all ages, and for both boys and girls. Whether you're a parent looking for a birthday or Christmas gift for your kid in preschool, or you're looking for a car-seat toy to keep your baby entertained, Boley will always have you covered.


WHAT'S INSIDE: Boley's 4 Pack Pull String Animal Surfer Bath Toy Set comes with 4 cute, easy-to-hold windup rafts for your child to play with! Power up the raft's propellers by pulling back the pull string to wind up the motor, and watch the raft jet through your bathtub's fast and furious waves! Our toys are built to withstand heavy play in the water, so you don't have to worry about fading colors or a wearing pull-back string! | PERFECT EDUCATIONAL TOY: At Boley, we designed our rafts with a variety of animals and colors for your child to engage and interact with. Give your child a head start in vocabulary development by having them learn the names of all the different animals in the animal kingdom! Can your toddler identify the turtle, fish, whale, and alligator? | CHILD FRIENDLY & ALWAYS SAFE: As a global toy company, Boley's #1 priority is child safety. All of our toys are always 100% nontoxic, 100% lead-free, and 100% free of phthalates. We adhere to US and ASTM safety standards, rigorously test our toys, and have our toys certified by independent labs for quality assurance. Boley proudly supports the standards established by ASTM, SCAN, BSCI, SMETA, Sedex, ICTI Care, and more. Please note this particular toy is designed for children ages 3 and up. | SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: When you purchase a toy from Boley, you purchase more than just a high-quality educational toy - you gain confidence knowing Boley will always provide you with amazing customer service. If for any reason, your purchase requires service or you have questions, you can contact Amazon directly for a replacement or refund, or contact Boley by clicking "Sold by Boley Corporation" and then clicking on the "Ask A Question" button for helpful and friendly customer service! | LOOKING FOR MORE? Boley offers a diverse variety of kids' toys on Amazon. From play kitchen sets with food, pretend play cash register sets, toy banking sets with play money, dollhouses, race cars and toy trucks, fun bath toys, construction sets, legendary dinosaur sets, and other learning lootboxes, Boley has you covered! Simply search "Boley" or click on our store name to find the hundreds of educational and action-packed toys we offer to bring life, love, and laughter to families everywhere!









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