Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment by TEPENAR - Adjustable Extra Large Soft Bonnet with Chin Strap Use For Deep Conditioning Hair Styling and Drying

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1. This softhood bonnet hair dryer attachment helps a lot on the oil hairdressing. And it's suggested to be middle speed, not high speed of the hair dryer when in use, which would not make too much heat and heat leaking. It's better for your hair conditioning and more comfortable.
2. Make sure your ears are outside the hair dryer bonnet to avoid burns your ears

Care Steps:

Step 1: Wash your hair to keep 70% wet;
Step 2: Apply hair cream on wet hair;
Step 3: Wear disposable shower cap (if appliable) ;
Step 4: Wear the hair drying bonnet

Use hair dryer bonnet attachment steps:

Step 1:wear our bonnet hat on the head, fix the elastic band;
Step 2: let your blow dryer meet with the Elastic connection port mouth of our hood;
Step 3: open the hair dryer to start your hair care.

Why Choose Our hair bonnet dryer attachment/b>

1. Safe to use, comfortable and convenient.
2. Can be used for deep conditioning, hot oils and heat treatments.
3. Elastic at the end of tube holds the hood on the hair dryers. Many ventilation holes for faster heat hair diffuser.
4. Adjustable drawstring and chin strap to ensure cap stays in place during drying, allows you to adjust the fit around your Head, hairstyle, and/or hair accessories (rollers, clips, flex rods, etc.).
5. Fit for almost all sizes of blowing dryers in the market .
6. Designed for comfort, flexibility, and functionality for any head size and any hair length or thickness.


ADJUSTABLE HOOD CAPACITY - The adjustable side-located drawstring and the chin strap to ensure the hair drying bonnet does not come off during use, making the hair dry cap bonnet more suitable for everyone | FAST DRYING - This blow dryer bonnet attachment extra large, has many ventilation holes to dry your hair faster and more even heat distribution. It cuts deep conditioning time down dramatically | HIGH QUALITY - The soft bonnet hair dryer attachment is made with waterproof material meant to stand the test of time and many drying/conditioning sessions | IDEAL FOR TRAVEL - The size and the fact it comes with a travel bag makes it perfect for taking the your home salon on all your trips.The universal soft bonnet hair dryer attachment is also easy to clean. | PERFECT FITTING - Larger hood capacity to hold any hairstyle including hair curlers and rollers. Up to 39 inches long flexible hose is ideal for multitasking. The elastic and plastic hose collar makes it to fit any size hand held dryer.









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