BOTTLE-BULLSEYE Official Starter Kit. Fun Indoor & Outdoor Game Like Darts. Made in The USA. Play Almost Anywhere: Parties, picnics, Camping, Tailgating. Durable Weatherproof Target & Bottles!

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The Official Bottle-BullseyeStarter Kit includes everything you need to play the Best FlippinGame Ever!

The Starter Kit Includes the following:

(1) FlippinTarget - Sound & Shock Absorbing perfect for Indoor & Outdoor Matches 
(2) FlippinBottles - Specifically Designed for the Ultimate FlippinExperience
(1) FlippinBottle Fill-Line card
(1) Set of Game Instructions

Bottle-Bullseyeis a FUN game that ANYONE can PLAY Almost ANYWHERE. 2 or more players flip bottles and land them on a sound and shock absorbing target to score points until one of the playersscores 21 points and wins the game. Play indoors & outdoors with an nstant WINfeature that makes it a FUN and challenging game for parties, tailgating, camping or just hanging out with friends. Players use real hand-eye coordination, quick math and memory, strategic thinking and social interaction. Multiple game modes that make it FUN for everyone. Track your skills by keeping score on the free scoring app available on iTunes. Flip like a pro with Bottle-BullseyeThe Best Flippin' Game Ever!

All game pieces are Made in the USA!


INDOOR/OUTDOOR PLAY: Minimal space is needed and can be played standing or sitting. Grass, carpet, table, or sand - all you need is a level surface! | EASY SETUP & RULES: Place target on level surface and flip bottles onto target to score points, similar to darts. | ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: The Kit Includes the following: (1) Flippin' Target - Sound & Shock Absorbing perfect for Indoor & Outdoor Matches (2) Flippin' Bottles - Specifically Designed for the Ultimate Flippin' Experience (1) Flippin' Bottle Fill-Line card (1) Set of Game Instructions | GREAT FOR ALL AGES: Kids to adults with multiple game modes for single or interactive play. Encourages strategic thinking, real eye hand coordination plus quick math and memory skills | FREE APP: Includes a free downloadable score-keeping app from the App Store. Recommended age for app usage is 13+









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